Mornington Hall

Mornington School, later known as Mornington Hall, has been a community space since 1923.

 Mornington School, later known as Mornington Hall was erected at the end of Green Walk in 1924 but it seems the School if not the Hall was in existence earlier. In 1921, pupils performed a clever and pretty dance in character costume in the Church Hall in the Ridgeway and the United Services Club. In 1923 there was a floral display at the Jubilee Retreat and pupils from the School entertained with dancing.

In the 1930s there was the following advertisement: ‘Mornington School for boys and girls; The Green, Chingford. Children taken from the age of 3, (two hours daily, if desired). Thorough groundwork and preparation for Public and Secondary Schools. Kindergarten under a trained Mistress with Higher N.F.U. Certificate. Usual games and swimming. Excursions taken to places of interest. Fees moderate and inclusive. Prospectus on application to Misses Hunt.’

Shortly before World War II, the Council took over the Hall as Headquarters of the Wardens’ Service; later it was used as a British Restaurant. After that, it could be hired from the Council for many purposes.

In July 1994 the Conservation Areas Advisory Committee recorded that the Hall had been extensively refurbished in as sympathetic manner as possible.

In 2002 CADOS (Chingford Amateur Dramatic Society) took over the lease of the building and made many improvements since.

Today, the hall offers residents access to theatre and the arts. CADOS appreciate the support from local people to keep this space open and available for the community.

Mornington Hall


CADOS is the longest running theatre company in Chingford. They were established in 1945 as Chingford Arts Circle and have been entertaining audiences ever since!

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