Coronet Cafe

The Coronet Café (Formally known as Bolte’s Café) was one of over 11 tea gardens that sprung up in North Chingford in the 1890s to cater for trippers.

 There were also many more pubs and cafes. The Coronet stood at No.1 Forest Avenue but was later converted into a private dwelling.

The Coronet was a popular venue for holding meetings on the first floor. In 1917 and before the building of their Church on the green, a group of Catholics would meet at the café on Sunday mornings to celebrate mass for a hire of 5 shillings a week. In 1923, the Chingford Golf Club held its first meeting at the Café.

With the arrival of railway stations close to the forest such as Chingford (1873) and Loughton (1856), the working class people of East London began to use the forest for recreation on Sundays and public holidays, in ever-increasing numbers.

Coronet Cafe
Coronet Cafe


The first tea shop in London was opened in 1706 by Thomas Twinning.

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